World’s Best Phone Grips

Round pop phone socket grips

World’s Best Phone Grips. Welcome to the the world’s best collection of smartphone stand, cellphone grips and phone socket stands for trade shows and business marketing. Promotional Product Direct of Seattle Washington is pleased to announce the launch of their new online store Grip- Phone Socket Stand. This store is designed to bring together, under […]

Factory Direct Phone Stands

cheap pop phone socket grips for promotional products

Factory Direct Phone Stands GRIP phone stands has cut out the middleman. Saving you 35-57% or more! GRIP phone stands has a very unique value proposition for our business, trade show and b2b marketing clients. When you buy your phone stands from GRIP you are buying the same product as you see at retail. You […]

New Cell Phone Stands

adjustable phone stand

Try These New Desktop Attached Cell Phone Stands to Prop Up Your Devices Why strain to see or reach for your phone when you can prop it up right next to you? The average American picks up their phone 98 times per day according to a 2019 poll conducted by the tech support firm Asurion. If you’d […]

Trust Badges


What are Trust Badges. Trust Badges are a common sight in today’s ecommerce business and market scene. From free shipping to safe check out, there’s always going to be a trust badge displayed to strengthen its claim and fortify the trust that your customers have towards your brand. But what is a trust badge really? And […]