Covid-19 Virus Second Wave

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We used to be afraid of the Russians invading, now we are afraid of a virus invading. Be afraid, the second wave is coming. Watch YouTube Video!

Get Ready, 2nd Covid Wave is Going To Crush!

We are generally optomists. We like to see the silver lining in all things but no matter how we look at this, the only thing we see is bad, bad, bad news.

The governments of the United States, both at the Federal and the State level have failed miserably.

I know this is an election year and we are all sensitive to our own political choices and desires. However, for all intents and purposes in telling the truth, I don’t give a shit who you vote for. Watch the history of the virus handling by the government.

All you need to do is compare the handling of the Covid crisis handling with countries like Canada, a next door neighbor of the USA and you can see that the USA has dropped the ball.

There were more cases of Covid-19 in Florida yesterday (population 21 M) than in all of Canada in the last 30 days. (population 37 M)

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The 2nd Wave is Coming Late August 2020.

As we fiddle around with ineffective policies and procedures people are still being infected and those people are infecting others still. In fact, today, America’s pasttime, major league baseball has shut down a series of teams only 5 days after the season opener.

Given the MONEY MLB has spent on abating the spread of the virus and they still cannot contain it, for those of us in the real world it does not take a rocket scientist to see that the virus we are aware of is only the tip of the iceberg.

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This is the rolling first wave, 2nd wave still 6 weeks away!

Because the states had such a patchwork quilt of responses (some open, some not, some sort of) what we are currently seeing is a rolling continuous first wave.

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As people continue to travel from state to state this summer the virus is transmitted along America’s highways and biways. It does not care who or where you are, Democrat or Republican.

The virus does not care who or where you are, Democrat or Republican.

Schools and Politcal Events The Next Genesis for the 2nd Wave!

Late August we are expecting many, many US schools to reopen. All of the virus laden kids will be eagerly returning back to school. Sure, they may not be that susceptible to the Virus’s ravages but they will take it home to their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. The virus knows no personal boundaries.

The election will spread the virus. American’s love their elections. It is an event where American’s love to get out and “press the flesh”, “mix it up”, “get in your face”. However, all of this pressing and mixing certainly spread the virus even further as the fall comes round and we are all in more enclosed spaces.

A Vaccine will solve everything, won’t it?

Not so fast grasshopper.

Firstly, the announcement of the Vaccine (sometime this fall is my guess) will only mean that they have the vaccine. It still needs to be manufactured in mass and distributed worldwide. This could take a year or more.

Secondly, if they announce a vaccine there will be a good chunk of the populace who will go “woohoo, case solved!” and head out to the next political rally without a mask. This means thos folks who act this way between the vaccine announcement and its deployment will get sick.

Finally, a vaccine for a corona virus (the seasonal flu is a corona virus) is never 100% effective. The virus mutates each season.

When scientists make a corona virus vaccine they “guess what it will look like the following year!”. Yes, guess!

The estimate what this years corona virus looks lik and try and model a vaccine to match it. If the covid-19 vaccine is anything like a flu vacinne it will be between 10-60% effective. Read the stats.

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PPE to be in short supply, again!

We sit in a unique position in the supply chain. We speak with domestic and overseas factories and we have our fingers on the pulse of their orders, demands and challenges.

The short answer on PPE is simple. If the virus were to not change or increase in its infection rate we would have “just enough PPE”. But that’s not going to happen.

At the same time that we are in need of as much PPE as possible and with the vast majority of all PPE being made in China it is also at the same time that our Federal government is ramping up a trade war with China.

The most common way a trade war is waged is to limit the import of all goods from the source country into the USA either through a TAX on American’s (aka as a Tariff) or by slowing the import process down. Both of these are being implemented into the international trade system between China and the USA at the very moment.

More Virus, Ramped Up Trade War, No Unified Approach. All Adds Up To a Serious Second Wave!